Signs Your Child May Have Amblyopia

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Most children should have their eyes examined at six months of age, at three-years-old, before they start school, and every other year thereafter. During these routine eye exams, an eye care professional will check your child’s eyes for a number of conditions to ensure your child see’s properly.

One of the conditions that an eye doctor may be looking for is amblyopia. This is a condition that affects two to three percent of children but is not a condition many parents have heard of. Here is a bit more information about amblyopia. 

What is Amblyopia? 

Amblyopia is often referred to as lazy eye. Eyes work by taking light and focusing it on the back part of the eye, called the retina. The retina then triggers nerve signals that connect to the optic nerves to the brain. When someone has amblyopia, the brain favors one eye over the other, meaning one eye has reduced vision because it is not working properly with the brain. 

Why Are Childhood Exams Important? 

Childhood exams are extremely important when it comes to amblyopia. If this condition is caught in a child, the condition may be reversible if it is properly diagnosed and treated early enough. By the time a child reaches adolescence or adulthood, the condition typically is not reversible. 

How Can an Optometrist Treat Amblyopia? 

The best way to correct amblyopia in children is to force them to use that eye. Typically an eye patch is placed over the eye that is functioning properly. This forces the child to see with their weaker eye, strengthening up the brain signals. When done for a period of time, the brain signals naturally increase and improve on their own, helping to correct the problem.

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