Designer Frame Selection

Eyeglasses must combine form and function to provide you with everything you need. That's why we not only offer plenty of frame options but a wide variety of lens types and coating options as well. This ensures that nothing is overlooked when it comes to our eyewear.

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Stylish Eyewear

Wearing prescription glasses every day is much easier when your frames help you look even better than usual. In fact, when you think of your eyewear as a fashion accessory, it can even be fun! Mix and match frame colors and styles to go with your outfits, and your glasses will never be out of place.

We offer designer frames from a massive range of sources. These include Prada, Tom Ford, Kate Spade, WOOW, Ray-Ban, Vera Wang, Oliver Peoples, and over a dozen more. This makes it easy for you to find the ones that perfectly match your style.

If you prefer to wear no frames at all, we still have you covered. We offer a variety of contact lenses, and our optometrist will be happy to fit you for them.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Glasses are only good if they work well, so we offer plenty of options for your lenses. Whether you want basic single-vision lenses or the latest in progressives, we've got you covered. We also offer plenty of popular lens coatings, such as anti-glare, anti-scratch, polarized, UV blocking, blue light blocking, and of course, tints for sunglasses.

Anti-glare glasses are good for driving on wet roads, especially at night, playing sports on the water or on snow, and in any other situation where glare from the ground or overhead lighting is a problem.

Anti-scratch lenses are great for those who tend to end up with numerous light scratches on their regular glasses.

Blue light blocking is important for those who work on computers or otherwise look at screens all day. They help prevent computer vision syndrome as well as lowering the risk of general eye strain and dry eye.

UV blocking coatings are now all but standard. They protect the eyes from sun damage.

For those who want to be able to combine regular clear glasses and sunglasses in one pair, there are Transitions lenses. These automatically change from clear to shaded and back depending on the presence or absence of UV light.

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