Diagnosis & Treatments

The Eye Center of Virginia is an optometrist clinic that specializes in treating a variety of eye conditions. In order to provide the best kind of quality healthcare to clients, we have cultivated a staff of medical experts investigate, diagnose and treat a great number of ailments. Below you can find a summary of just some of the eye conditions that our eye care center covers.

Common Eye Conditions

  • Glaucoma, a disease that leads to an increase of ocular pressure and optic nerve damage.
  • Farsightedness and nearsightedness. Blurriness in the field of vision is a somewhat common issue that many people face. This kind of condition can be effectively managed with eyewear.
  • Eye infections or eye injuries. An ophthalmologist can provide pain relief for any pain experienced.
  • Cataracts, also known as the clouding of the eye's lens. Cataracts can be caused by aging, physical trauma, genetics, or environmental risk factors.
  • Age-related macular degeneration, also called AMD. This condition sees damage to the macula, the center of the eye's retina. As the name suggests, age-related macular degeneration occurs more often in elderly people.
  • Dry eyes, a common eye condition that occurs when the tear ducts aren't able to produce enough tears. Dry eye syndrome can indicate another medical issue affecting the eyes.

Eye Center of Virginia Conditions and Treatments

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