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Discover Pink Eye Diagnosis & Healing With Our Optometry Team At Eye Center of Virginia in Williamsburg, VA

Has your family been affected by pink eye? Get relief with the help of our Williamsburg optometry staff at the Eye Care Center of Virginia. Accurate and efficient diagnosis and effective treatment are our promises to you! 

Man rubbing his eye due to pink eye

What is Pink Eye? 

Pink eye (formally named conjunctivitis) is a type of eye inflammation generally caused by a bacterial or viral infection (allergies could also be at play). The specific part of the eye affected is known as the conjunctiva, which is a thin membrane covering the outside of your eyeballs and the inner lining of your eyelids. One or both eyes can be affected. Though rarely serious, it can be extremely contagious, so early diagnosis and management are key to prevent the spread of the condition. 

Common Pink Eye Symptoms

Pink eye symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable, and if you rub or touch your eyes too much you could cause corneal scratches or worsening infection. Hallmark symptoms include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Burning, itchy, red, irritated eyes
  • Eyes that feel dry or gritty
  • Excessive watering of the eyes to compensate for dryness; this watery discharge and can dry out and leave crusty residue on your eyelids and lashes; thicker and/or discolored discharge often indicates a bacterial infection
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Upper respiratory symptoms (particularly if pink eye is caused by a viral infection)

How Our Williamsburg Optometrist Helps Relieve Pink Eye

Understanding the cause of your pink eye is important for providing the appropriate diagnosis. To make our diagnosis, our Williamsburg optometrist staff may run a few lab tests, examine your eyes, and assess your history. We'll initiate the appropriate treatment once we've got a good idea about what's causing your pink eye. Common pink eye treatment includes:

  • At-home symptomatic treatment techniques, including strict hand hygiene to prevent the spread of infection and cool or warm compresses (this is essential for viral conjunctivitis, which must simply run its course) 
  • Removal or avoidance of allergens from your environment (if allergic conjunctivitis is to blame)
  • Antihistamine or steroidal eye drops for allergic conjunctivitis
  • Transition from contact lenses to glasses for more comfortable corrective eyewear
  • Antibiotic drops or ointments (and/or oral antibiotics) for bacterial conjunctivitis

Are You or a Loved One Struggling with Pink Eye? Visit the Eye Center of Virginia in Williamsburg, VA Today for Help & Healing

The faster you get your pink eye relief, the better! Contact the Eye Center of Virginia today at (757) 229-1131 to connect with an optometrist in Williamsburg.

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