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Dry Eye Care from our Williamsburg Optometrists

If your eyes look and feel as if they've been rubbed with sandpaper, you may be one of the countless individuals dealing with a common eye issue known as dry eye. This chronic problem, in which your tear mechanisms fail to protect and nourish your eye adequately, can cause everything from pain and redness to serious vision problems. Our trusted Williamsburg eye doctors can help diagnose and treat your chronic dry eye. That's why you should make a beeline to Eye Center of Virginia for the soothing, healing dry eye care you need.

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Do You Have Dry Eye?

Dry eye is the state that occurs when you produce insufficient or inadequate tears to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable. Every time you blink, your tear glands produce a mix of substances that create a tear film over the surface of the eye. This tear film must contain the right balance of water (to hydrate the eyes), mucin (to distribute the water and nourish the cornea) and oil (to keep the water from evaporating). Without this delicate balance, you may suffer from dry eye if you produce an abundance of tears.

Dry eye is characterized by symptoms such as itching, irritation or "foreign body sensation" in the eye, as well as eye redness and blurry vision. Age-related reduction in tear production is a common cause of dry eye. You can also get dry eye from constant exposure to wind, underlying medical challenges (and sometimes the medications used to treat them), and long hours of computer monitor usage (which makes you blink less often than you should).

Dry Eye Treatment with our Eye Doctors in Williamsburg

Dry eye is a more serious problem than you might think. Over time, the dryness can allow your corneas to suffer repeated infections or even permanent damage. Our eye doctor in Williamsburg can determine the cause(s) of your dry eye by studying your tear composition, tear volume, work habits, medical history, and environment. We can then implement a dry eye treatment plan to manage the disorder. Treatment methods may include:

  • Over-the-counter or prescribed eye drops
  • Un-clogging blocked meibomian glands, the glands that add oil to your tears
  • Environmental adjustments to stay away from the wind
  • Recommended changes in your medical regimen, from alternative medications to getting help for underlying ailments
  • Modifications to your work schedule so your eyes can take periodic "blink breaks"

Contact Our Williamsburg Optometrists for Dry Eye Relief

If you're ready to enjoy relief from eye pain and other dry eye issues, call eye Center of Virginia at (757) 229-1131 to set up an evaluation. Our optometrists in Williamsburg, VA can help you enjoy many more years of optimal vision with minimal interference from this irritating condition!

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