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Dr. Schultz has also had extensive experience in managing the most severe cases of dry eye and ocular surface disease. He gained this experience is his 20-year career working in sub-specialty ophthalmology clinics. He has also participated both as a sub-investigator and as the primary investigator in 15 different pharmaceutical research trials. Several of these were in the area of dry eye research. Dr. Schultz has brought his expertise in this area to Williamsburg and has quickly become recognized as the doctor to consult when patients are not getting the attention or the relief they deserve. 

“Everything I have learned along the way, and the extensive research I have done has taught me how to bring relief to patients who have lost all hope they will ever be comfortable again. I am proud to say, I’ve brought that expertise with me to Williamsburg and we offer help to those who have been told by other doctors there is nothing else they could do.” 

Gregory M. Schultz, OD, FAAO, ABO

Eye Center of Virginia offers every diagnostic and treatment modality there is available for the management of mild to severe dry eye and ocular surface diseases.


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