Diabetes in the Eye

Do you or a loved one have diabetes, or are you concerned about the possibility of getting this ailment and hoping to detect signs of it at the earliest possible stage? You should know that Dr. Schultz and Dr. Evans, who lead the Eye Center of Virginia, have many years of experience detecting signs of diabetes in the eye.

What Is Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is a form of diabetes that people tend to get early in life. Type 2 diabetes is the more common form of this disorder, where your body is unable to utilize insulin effectively.

The result is higher blood sugar levels than normal. When people do not treat their type 2 diabetes, they can expect to be stricken with a range of complications of the disease, including strokes, kidney disease and raised blood pressure.

Diabetes of the eye treatment in williamsburg va

How Regular Vision Care Appointments Can Help Catch Diabetes

The team at the Eye Center of Virginia is proud that we have such a great reputation for helping patients in the greater Williamsburg area and beyond with all their vision care needs. We routinely conduct eye exams for patients to determine if they require corrective lenses as well as to assess their overall ocular health. Detecting signs of diabetes in our patients is a major health benefit that we are proud to offer.

During the course of a routine exam, our eye doctors will make a comprehensive inspection of each of your eyes. What the doctor is looking for are tiny, broken blood vessels, which appear in the eye as a result of nerve damage (also referred to as diabetic neuropathy.)

Dr. Schultz and Dr. Evans will also be on the lookout for any new blood vessels that may be growing on your eye’s retina, as this is another diabetes complication that will tend to show up earlier than other symptoms, such as those found in a blood or urine test.

Yes, it’s true: Sometimes patients are surprised to hear that signs of diabetes in the eye can show up in the optometrist’s office well before a general practice doctor discovers them during laboratory tests.

So, your regular eye doctor appointments will do more than check if you need your prescription changed for eyeglasses or contact lenses. It will give our eye care practitioners an opportunity to check for signs of diabetes in the eye.

Make an Appointment for an Examination at Eye Care Eye Center of Virginia, Your Preferred Optometric Center

If it’s been a while since you last had an eye exam, there is no time like the present to set up an appointment for service with your optometrists. After all, the sooner a medical professional finds out that you have diabetes, the sooner you can take steps toward keeping the disease from progressing, as well as learn how to keep your blood sugar under tighter control.

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